Who is an ideal CAN DO coaching client?

Do you desire a more congruent life where your physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual selves are aligned, where all pistons fire at once, where creating desired results is not only possible but is a given?  Are you hungry for a more meaningful and soul driven life where your results make a difference? 

CAN DO Coaching Results:


Less effort is required to meet the demands of life when your life springs from your soul gifts and core values.

CAN DO coaching eliminates the trap of resentment.   

Heightened responsibility and accountability to living out of your soul gifts, increases personal power.  

The ability to step into leadership is rooted in your capacity to access and express your core values and intrinsic soul gifts. 

Standing in yourself  and your value inspires and encourages others to become their gifted selves. 

Greater compassion and acceptance of others is a natural by-product of this work. Personal relationships are profoundly enriched. 

Every human being wants to make a contribution and feel their own significance and purpose....CAN DO Coaching will illuminate your value.

Who is Connie as a Life Coach?

I am convinced each one of us has inherent soul gifts (core magnificence) that want expression.  These gifts are the rocket fuel for a more meaningful, joyful life.  Self-esteem and self-trust naturally grow as we express our soul gifts and more fully experience our personal power and intrinsic value.  I believe in coupling dreams and desires with real, tangible results.  I am inspired by the collaborative spirit of life-coaching.  I believe we often fear our magnificence more than our short comings.  You can count on me to stand beside you as you find the answers that live within and as you risk expressing your personal power and soul gifts.

Our mission is to empower students to identify their soul gifts and core values clarifying the profound contribution these gifts bring to their life and the lives of others.