Connie Hausman,  founder of CAN DO in 1998, has been a committed student  and certified teacher of Iyengar Yoga for over 25 years.  She couples her advanced yoga training with over 25 years of experience as a master Reiki healer and massage therapist. Connie also holds a BA in Psychology and English from the University of Texas at Austin. 


Because of her strong desire to continue her own personal transformation, Connie began deep emotional release work at The Search for Truth Center in 2003, which led her to complete an intensive, 2-year life coach training as well as the Redirecting Children’s Behavior parent-coach training.   Over the last nine years, Connie has apprenticed with Jolane Scheib, the founder of The Search Within course, and David Traub, founder of Deliberate Harmony. 

Connie has a unique ability to witness what often goes unseen by others.  She willingly communicates the illusions and disconnections that she experiences in others and is capable of redirecting students towards the truth of who they really are.  She tirelessly advocates that we all can and do make a difference

Connie's ultimate objective is to impart how yoga, life coaching, and body work create choice--a choice for greater physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 


Connie is the grateful mother of Gabe, Akira, and Saffron and the committed life partner and wife of Satoshi. 

CAN DO with

Connie Hausman and Brad Allen


There is within us a power greater than anything we will ever face, greater than anything we have ever done--a power that enables us to learn from out missteps and begin again.

-Paula D'Arcy  

Waking Up to This Day

You CAN and you DO make a 


Brad Allen has 15 years of experience as a personal trainer and massage therapist, and over 13 years as a formal qi gong student. Brad is always on the lookout for the latest discoveries. Never one to blindly accept the wisdom of others, he then takes all new information and uses his own body~mind as the canvas for experimentation. His attention to detail and dedication to daily practices of mindfulness and physical pursuits enable him to pass along this wisdom to his clients. 

Brad brings a great deal of patience, humor, and a gentle kind demeanor to his work. His talent lies in his ability to meet each client where they are, striking a balance between handholding and motivating clients to push through limitations. Through his own mindfulness practice, Brad is 

able to teach clients to have greater body awareness, enabling clients to SLOW down, teaching them to be present in the movements, making subtle postural corrections and enhancements.  Brad has a passion for reaching people who are not currently moving (due to lifestyle, illness or injury), and teaching them to move and learn about their own bodies.

Brad holds additional certifications in: