Accepting change means learning about surrender and trust.  It is not so much trusting that our circumstances will improve, but trusting that whatever happens, we'll find our way. 

-Paula D'Arcy, Waking Up to This Day


Your first coaching session is a complimentary phone consultation.

One Semester is nine, sixty minute sessions.  Your financial commitment for one semester is $795.00.  If you pay for the entire course at the time of registration, you receive a 10% discount reducing your cost to $720.00.  A payment plan is also available with an initial, non-refundable down payment of $345.00 and $50.00 due at each session.  

Touch Stone Sessions-Once a full semester is completed, individual sessions are $95.00 per session. 

To schedule your complimentary consultation and to register, please contact Connie at 


Couple's and parent coaching are available.  Please contact Connie for more information.

Cash, checks and all major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. 


To let go of having things remain the same, to be open to change, to accept the varieties of human rebirth into a spiritual world.

-David Richo, The Five Things We Cannot Change

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